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Tips for Finding Homes for Sale in Metro Atlanta

Whether for work, for family or just for a change, you have made the decision to relocate to the Atlanta area. However, the task of finding homes for sale in metro Atlanta can be daunting at best — not because of the scarcity of homes, of course, but because of the vast number of options. How do you narrow the search so your house hunting does not turn into a needle-in-a-haystack scenario? Here are a few tips that may help. Determine your maximum budget, or budget range You can refine your search significantly simply by restricting your search to a specific budget range. If you have not gotten pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan yet, talk to a mortgage broker […]

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Pros and Cons of Buying a New or Old Home in Atlanta

If you are considering buying a home in Atlanta, one of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to buy a newer home or an older, more established one. There is no right or wrong answer to the question — it really is a matter of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each, and deciding which type of home is right for you. Even so, you should always go into a home purchase with your eyes open, fully aware of what it might cost you in finances, commute times, “sweat equity” and the like. To help you make an informed decision, we take a look below at the pros and cons of buying either a new or old home. […]

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Home Viewing Checklist: 10 Critical Things to Do While House Hunting

For many home buyers, house hunting is the fun part. You get to look through a number of different homes with the idea that one of them could become yours! However, if the search extends for days or weeks, you may feel a bit of fatigue, frustration or even dread. Never fear: This is all part of the process of finding your dream home, and when you are making a purchase as large as this one, you should definitely weigh the options carefully. However, there are a few critical things you can do to simplify the house hunting process and lessen the stress. The following home viewing checklist should help steer you in the right direction. 1. Rule out any […]

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Five Reasons Millennials in Atlanta Should Buy a Home Now

Over the past several years, Millennials have effectively dominated the real estate market, accounting for at least one-third of all home buyers according to the National Association of Realtors. All indicators suggest this trend will continue for some time as more Millennials to find their own financial footing. However, the housing markets do not always coincide with buyer’s sense of “readiness,” and we are seeing signs that Atlanta’s housing market may be reaching a tipping point of accessibility. In other words, here are five reasons why the best time for Millennials to buy a home in Atlanta may be now, rather than later. 1. Prices are increasing (but still affordable by comparison). Healthy housing markets and growth rates almost always […]

Seven Real Estate Red Flags to Watch for While House Hunting in Atlanta

House hunting can be fun and exciting, but for first-time homebuyers, it can also be intimidating. Home sellers naturally try to put their best foot forward when listing their properties, sometimes masking or downplaying important downsides. If you are not sure what to look for, it can be easy to overlook important warning signs that could cost you dearly down the road. To help you avoid these snares, here are seven real estate red flags you should watch for when house hunting in Atlanta. 1. Bad drainage If you observe ponding water against or near the home — or if you notice areas where yard slopes toward the house instead of away from it — these could be signs of […]