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How the Atlanta Film Industry Is Strengthening the City’s Real Estate

In case you didn’t notice, film is big in Atlanta. Really big. Thanks in part to generous tax incentives now offered by the state, the Atlanta film industry has mushroomed into a contender on the world stage over the years. In fact, the Atlanta Business Chronicle recently reported that Georgia hosted no less than 17 major feature film productions in 2016, making it the top location in the world last year for film production, even over mainstays like Los Angeles and New York. Among the most notable titles filmed include “Passengers,” “Allegiant” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” — not to mention ongoing series like “The Walking Dead,” “Halt and Catch Fire,” and the recent Netflix hit series “Stranger Things.” […]

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First-Time Home Buyers Flock to the Atlanta BeltLine

Arguably one of the most ambitious projects of its time, the Atlanta BeltLine is already radically changing the landscape of Atlanta, both literally and figuratively, connecting neighborhoods and parks across the city. One effect of this massive project: a surge in new developments along the BeltLine, and surge in popularity among the connected neighborhoods. First-time home buyers, in particular, are beginning to flock to neighborhoods along completed and developing segments of the Atlanta BeltLine, taking advantage of the affordable properties before prices begin to rise in earnest. What Is the Atlanta Beltline? The Atlanta Beltline is a project to revitalize a 22-mile loop of historic railroad corridors into a network of walking/jogging/biking trails, eventually interconnecting dozens of Atlanta neighborhoods and thousands […]

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Atlanta’s Favorable Market Attracts First-Time Home Buyers

If you are a first-time home buyer in the United States, chances are you have at least taken a look at the Atlanta area, according to recent market research. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Atlanta now ranks among the top cities in the nation for attracting first-time home buyers, among others like Orlando and Memphis. The analysis, conducted by Zillow, took several key metrics into account when evaluating the housing markets of major U.S. cities, including median home values, expected one-year appreciation rates and available inventory. The research concluded that many of the most favorable markets are concentrated in the South and Midwest. Other cities topping the list included Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Tampa and Birmingham, while some of the […]

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Atlanta Real Estate Insights: 6 Stunning New Developments to Watch

Metro Atlanta continues to attract a slew of new residents each year, and developers are rising to the challenge. New home developments are springing up throughout the community, many of which are offering an increasing number of luxury amenities in an attempt to compete. If you are looking to buy a new home, you owe it to yourself to check out some of these communities. Here are six new, or recent, land developments across Atlanta that should be on your radar. Avalon Located on 86 +/- beautifully landscaped acres in Alpharetta, this gorgeous, sustainable live-and-work community offers amazing private residences, all contained in a welcoming, walkable neighborhood. Additionally, the community offers opportunity to shop, dine, work and play. Residences and […]

9 Tips for Staying on Top of a Hot Real Estate Market

In a hot real estate market like Atlanta, a lot can change in a short period of time. For example, a home you were just considering could go off the market an hour later. Home values in a neighborhood can jump several percentage points in a matter of months, pricing you out of properties you could have otherwise afforded. The result: bidding wars that force you to make an offer higher than the list price. Here’s the good news: by laying down some groundwork and remaining alert, you can stay competitive in your home search, even as factors begin to rapidly change. Check out these nine important tips to help you stay aware and focused while searching within a hot […]