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Ten Cities Ready To Bounce Back

By Paul Kaihla,, submitted by Charles Gerrick. The horror show of America’s residential real estate market just keeps getting scarier, what with the sub-prime mortgage crisis threatening to slash demand for homes while the inventory of unsold properties continues to pile up. It’s enough to send any prudent investor fleeing to the relative sanity of, say, the stock market. Don’t. Instead, get ready for the bounce-back. The oldest rule of investing dictates that you buy low and sell high. Real-estate buyers aren’t at the gate, however, because most local markets have yet to hit bottom. In fact, most cities won’t do so for another year. But Business 2.0, working with Moody’s, has unearthed 10 major metropolitan areas that […]

Pink Palace re-priced to sell. Historic Buckhead home slashed from $20 million to $10 million.

By RACHEL TOBIN RAMOS, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Friday, October 24, 2008 Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a fire sale or the end of exuberant real estate prices.  Either way, you’ll need a large wallet to cash in on this deal. The pink stucco Italian Baroque home on 3.5 acres is being sold because the family who owns it is moving to the country of Georgia. The price for the “Pink Palace,” a 1926 mansion built for the Rhodes Furniture family on West Paces Ferry Road, was slashed in half Friday. It’s gone from $20 million to $10 million. The home, designed by one of the architects of the historic Swan House, debuted like a Southern belle […]

Benefits of Pricing Your Home for This Market

Janet Blanton, VP Marketing In recapping a video we saw at sales meeting this morning, David Knox  recommends the following:  Benefits of Pricing Your Home Aggressively for Sale in this Market: 1.  Faster Sale 2.  Less Inconvenience 3.  The agent community is more enthusiastic about your home because they view it as a value or priced correctly.  This means it will get more “word of mouth” marketing in the agent community and more likely to be shown. 4.  More prospects will see your home 5.  Higher offers 6.  Higher net equity, as the sooner the home sells, the more equity you will retain in your home.

Tight price=right price

Sam Bayne, Founding Partner There are 75 homes over 3.5 million listed in Buckhead, 85 over three million dollars in Buckhead, and in metro Atlanta, there are 226 homes over three million dollars.   It takes longer for the Buyer to make a decision because they have to see everything before they buy.  That is why the market seems so slow.  A tight price, it is a right price!!!  Meaning, the days of “chasing” a high price are temporarily over for now, if you want to sell your home.  If a Seller needs to sell their home, they need to listen to their agent and believe what they tell them the price should be.  If it is too low for […]