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616 Angier Ave Unit 5 Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Atlanta Real Estate Insights: 6 Stunning New Developments to Watch

Metro Atlanta continues to attract a slew of new residents each year, and developers are rising to the challenge. New home developments are springing up throughout the community, many of which are offering an increasing number of luxury amenities in an attempt to compete. If you are looking to buy a new home, you owe it to yourself to check out some of these communities. Here are six new, or recent, land developments across Atlanta that should be on your radar. Avalon Located on 86 +/- beautifully landscaped acres in Alpharetta, this gorgeous, sustainable live-and-work community offers amazing private residences, all contained in a welcoming, walkable neighborhood. Additionally, the community offers opportunity to shop, dine, work and play. Residences and […]

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7 Atlanta Neighborhoods with Median Home Sale Prices Under $1 Million

Atlanta is indeed home to some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the state of Georgia, with many multi-million dollar estates. However, compared to other major cities around the country, Atlanta real estate, overall, is still very affordable, despite the city’s rapid growth and booming economy. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why people move to Atlanta is because they know they can get more home for their money while enjoying many of the same amenities and job opportunities that other large cities offer. The upshot? If you thought you couldn’t afford a decent home in Atlanta, you might want to take another look. Here are eight Atlanta neighborhoods where median home sale prices are still under $1 million. […]

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Our 2017 Atlanta Neighborhood Guide for New Homebuyers

While Atlanta remains one of the most popular and fastest growing cities in America, it also feel a bit overwhelming for first-time homebuyers — at least at first. While many “first-timers” today can afford to spend more on a first home than their parents did, budget can still be a concern when housing prices are on the rise. Some also have growing families and want to be sure their kids can attend good schools. In a hot housing market like Atlanta, how does a new homebuyer find the right home at the right price? The good news is there are many wonderful neighborhoods in Atlanta where you can still find a first home that is both comfortable and relatively affordable. […]

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Four Reasons to Buy a House Inside the Perimeter

In Atlanta, the “Perimeter” refers to I-285, the freeway that forms a loop around what most people consider Atlanta. The choice of whether to live “Inside The Perimeter” (ITP) or “Outside The Perimeter” (OTP) remains a matter of debate, but it usually boils down to a matter of lifestyle, as both have certain advantages. If you’re on the fence about where to buy, here are reasons you might want to consider buying a house inside the Perimeter.   Walkable neighborhoods Many of Atlanta’s Intown neighborhoods are coveted for their walkability, with easy access to parks, shopping, and dining. This urban lifestyle has increased in popularity in recent years. Many of Atlanta’s neighborhoods ITP are seeing a surge of revitalization and […]

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Three Reasons to Buy a House Outside the Perimeter

The Atlanta “Perimeter” refers loosely to the I-285 freeway that encircles the metro area. It also connotes different lifestyles between those who live “Inside The Perimeter” (ITP) and “Outside The Perimeter” (OTP). As to which is best, each has a different set of benefits and drawbacks, and it really depends on your own priorities. That said, if you are more of a suburbanite, you might want to consider buying a house outside the Perimeter. Here are three reasons why.   More home for the money With a few exceptions in specific neighborhoods, a home outside the Perimeter generally costs less than a comparable home with similar square footage inside the Perimeter. This trend becomes more noticeable the further you get […]